Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC)

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At 9Niner Consulting in Baltimore, MD, we offer search engine marketing (SEM/ PPC) that promotes websites and increases their visibility in search engines.

Search engine marketing (SEM/ PPC) is a form of Internet marketing that involves the promotion of websites by increasing their visibility in search engine results pages primarily through paid advertising.

There are mixed reviews in a lot of business owners’ minds about PPC. “Does it work? Will I lose money? I’ve heard horror stories.” These are fair concerns. First, it is important to understand that when you open a Google Ads account, it’s software with a blank slate. Many owners believe that the program “knows” what to do on its own to get the customers. This is false.

Let’s use the robot comic below to understand the process. In the first picture, you see a baby robot; this is the blank slate Google Ads Account. You are on the left asking the baby robot to find you some oranges, where oranges are sales. The baby robot has no idea what oranges are, so it brings you everything it can find.

In the third picture, it brings an orange but also brings a car, a wrench, a pencil, and an apple. Each of these non-oranges are clicks that you had to pay for and were clients that were not searching for your product. At first, you get upset and question what this baby robot is doing. If you take the time to educate the baby robot what an orange is based on what the baby robot brought, it will go into the world with this knowledge and find more suitable oranges.

Over time as you continue to teach the robot what is and is not acceptable, it will eventually bring you the perfect client every time.

How Google’s PPC Algorithms Work?

Within each account, we will go through each search term that produces a click. We will break this up and tell the algorithms what keywords are good and which ones are “negative.” As time goes on, this negative word bank will increase, narrowing down each search so that each click will be more likely to be a customer.

How much does Pay Per Click cost?

Pay Per Click means exactly that. You will pay for each click on the ad regardless if that click turns into a sale.* The price is subject to the market price. The program will tell you how much you can expect to pay per keyword per click to be on the first page. If you choose to pay more, you have a better chance of being on the first page.

MOST agencies will charge a $500.00 flat rate (or more) or a % of the spend, whichever is greater. Sometimes you’ll see companies charging as much as 30%. Most companies land in the 12%-20% range depending on the budget.

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