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Every Dollar Spent on Email Marketing Brings Back $36

At 9niner Consulting, we’re dedicated to helping you utilize email marketing for incredible ROI. It’s one of the most cost-efficient methods to reach your target audience with a compelling message and well-planned segmentation plan. A high quality email marketing solution could result in up to $36 return on each dollar spent!

Email marketing stands out from other digital outlets in that it offers an opt-in feature. When customers agree to join your email list, they are specifically expressing their desire for more information about you and what you have to offer. Therefore, Email marketing is the optimal method of engaging with individuals who already show an interest in your content.

Core Benefits of Email Marketing

Power of Personalization

When it comes to email marketing, the effectiveness of personalization should never be overlooked. According to Experian Marketing Services, personalized subject lines can raise open rates by an astonishing 29%! That’s only one piece of the puzzle, however; there is so much more potential when you take full advantage of all that personalization has to offer.

Personalizing content to the customer’s behavior and location can drastically improve email performance when they are opened. It is as straightforward as incorporating their name into an email but taking it a step further by displaying their products which they have already seen increases the chances of making future purchases.

List Segmentation

By splitting your email list into smaller, more precise segments, you can deliver content that is appropriate for the right people and boost your potential for conversions.

The Data & Marketing Association has reported that segmented email campaigns can generate up to 760% more revenue than ‘spray and pray’ campaigns. Segment your customers based on their interests, behaviors, or other applicable criteria for maximum effectiveness in ROI optimization. By correctly segmenting your audiences within email marketing projects you’ll be able to maximize the efficacy of each campaign and experience greater success.

Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, emails are usually accessed via mobile devices. Therefore, it’s essential to ensure that your email campaign is responsive in design in order for them to look great no matter the screen size or resolution of the device used. Failing to make sure that your messages are properly formatted may cause readers not even bother reading them and just delete them immediately without a second thought. Fortunately, most Email Service Providers offer responsive designs with no additional cost whatsoever!

Subject Lines

Once you have developed a segmentation strategy, crafting an inviting email subject line is the next most crucial element of your campaign. Without an attention-grabbing title, no one will even open your message – making it nothing more than dead weight.

To make sure your message gets noticed, you have almost no time to capture the recipient’s attention. Our tracking and analytics will pinpoint which subject lines are most successful for your readers so we can keep utilizing ones that deliver results.

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