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About Us

9Niner Consulting is a boutique firm employing just a handful of people, founded and operated by Corey Robinson, a veteran of IT since 2006. We are your “Virtual On-Demand Google Ads Manager” without the cost of an onsite employee.
Because of our small size, you will get a very personal service, tailored to your needs. However, don’t mistake “small” for “ineffective” – to the contrary, because we are small we can provide the services our clients need, rather than the services that a board of directors voted for.
The only service we offer is Google Ads Management. Our approach is to reduce the cost of doing business while increasing profits.

Our customer service is second to none, and we go above and beyond with the response we offer. We DO answer the phone or try and call back to each client within 1/2 an hour – every single time.

9Niner Consulting uses a time tested and proven Google Ads method to ensure the traffic coming to your site is relevant to your business at the lowest cost possible.

Our clients are busy running their own businesses, and that’s what you do best. We enable you to be free to do this while we do what we do best – Google Ads Management.

What We Offer

Why Choose 9Niner Consulting

  1. You get a Virtual On-Demand Google Ads Employee for your business at a fraction of the cost to do it in house.
  2. According to Payscale.com Google Ads Managers average annual salary at $49,941 or $16.66 per hour. 9Niner Consulting will manage your ads with a live person off-site saving you thousands of dollars per year.

    Pay Per Click

  3. Eliminates Costly Mistakes
  4. 9Niner Consulting has more than 30 years of combined experience in online digital advertising. Don’t go through the same costly leaning pains that we experienced years ago.

  5. Reporting Directly From Google
  6. You will receive daily reports directly from Google Ads account. Not Reports from 9Niner. These reports will come directly from Google to your inbox. They will show ad spend, impressions, clicks, the average cost per click, spend, and average position. Again, these are Google Reports of your actual account with Google.

  7. You pay Google directly
  8. You pay Google for what you spend. Most other Google Ads Management companies pay Google on your behalf then charge you a premium, or they sell you clicks at an upcharge cost; Plus the management fee. 9Niner charges you a monthly fee plus 10% of the spend that you spent in your Google account. Total Transparency!

  9. No commitment – No Contacts – Cancel Anytime
  10. At 9Niner we are committed to increasing traffic to your business and elevate your ROI. If for any reason you may cancel your services with 9Niner. Hassle-Free!

    No Contract

  11. Schedule your ads to only show during business hours.
  12. We will put your ads on a schedule to match your business hours

  13. Hyper local targeting
  14. We can target your business all the way down to a zip code or neighborhood.

  15. Toggle your ads On/Off
  16. Is there an emergency, blizzard or you just want the day off. Message us and we will turn your ads off for the day.

  17. Click fraud protection
  18. In today’s advertising world competitors and bots are clicking on your ads and using up your budget. 9Niner will put your ads on Click Fraud Protection software. This will ban certain IP addresses that the software identifies as competitors or bots and from seeing and clicking on your ads.

  19. You focus on doing what you do best! Your business
  20. Here at 9Niner we are here to make your business more efficient and profitable. Leave it to the Google Advertising to our experts and we will let you focus on what you do best. Your Business!