Ranking well on Google means everything for getting new business online. To rank well, you need to apply several great habits and systems in order to create a strong foundation for the future. Here are a few tips to get your website pushing towards the first page of Google.


Ranking well for keywords


Keywords are what Google’s users are searching for most commonly. Then, you take those keywords and implement them into the custom content you are creating for your website. This is everything from the landing page to blogs, service pages, contact information, etc. Of course this aspect is simple to understand, but very difficult to execute well. Additionally, you’ll need a great deal more aspects of your site working for you.


Consistent contact information across all platforms


If you have a website, consistent backlinking, and other pages like a Google My Business or Yelp listing, they need to all carry the same information. When they do not have your information consistently being displayed, you will lose out on those leads for one, but you’ll also be ranked more poorly. Everything you contribute to your online presence is taken into account, as over 200 filters are monitored by Google crawlers in order to properly present information to users.


Overall, for any questions you may have, give us a call today. We can assess where your website currently stands and what you can do on your end to rank well. We’re looking forward to speaking!