GEO targeting can be a highly effective marketing strategy to get new business. It targets familiar searches in the area, as well as users that are familiar with the industry that you are in. If they’re unaware of your business, it’s impossible to be found without an online presence. Here’s how to get started.



What is GEO Targeting?



GEO targeting effectively is directing user search volume to your business. When done effectively, it can prioritize industry-related searches to being able to find you in the area, generating new leads. Also, this ensures the information is relevant. Depending on relevancy, which translates to engagement, google crawlers will then rank you for keywords. This all contributes to SEO (search engine optimization).



Consider that for your site currently if you don’t have GEO targeting running. How are people finding you? How’s your lead conversion currently? Are people engaging with the site?



With the addition of location-driven targeting, there’s very minimal room for users not to find your business. After you begin GEO targeting effectively, the rest is simple.



Traffic needs direction, and proving that you are worthy of that traffic is the only step left. Luckily, we’re here to help. Give us a call today! We have all the tools to make your next marketing campaign successful.