Making a website is pretty easy these days. With free tools and drag/drop builders, regular business owners can build their own (very simple) website easily. A “good” website is more difficult, however. Knowing what makes a good business website is the first step.

  1. A good domain name – If you are planning on using your website on business cards, or anywhere else online for that matter, you need a domain name that will be easy to remember and have something to do with your business or brand.
  2. Your contact information – A business website (that is not e-commerce) should be a way to generate leads. If you have no way for visitors to reach you once they’ve found your website, then you are defeating the purpose.
  3. Your services – A clearly outlined page of your products and services will help your website visitors to understand what you do and why they might need to hire you.

A good website for your business needs at least these three things. We see these problems on websites often: a strange domain name, lack of contact information, or a vague website that doesn’t explain what you do. Contact 9niner Consulting to get a great website for your business.