Geo-Targeted advertising has a ton of great benefits for businesses getting found more. Here are some tips on getting started and simple ways to set yourself apart.


Honing in on a specific radius


Since you are already setting aside a budget for marketing, you don’t want it to be wasted. Specifying the radius of your marketing campaign and where you’re getting your business from optimizes your results.


Clicks are great and what you want to be seeing with your business. However, without precise geo targeting, the results will be less than ideal. It lowers the amount of calls you’ll get from outside of your service range, ensuring quality over quantity.


How does this impact my business in the long run?


You should expect your advertising campaign to take one of two paths: generating leads for the long haul, or getting business today. The two main routes to do this are SEO and Google Ads. Google Ads will give you business very quickly and push to drive high traffic volume quickly to the site. Google Ads works really well with strong geo-targeting results as well, it just takes the right budget and preparation.


If you have any questions, give us a call today to learn more. We’ll help maximize your marketing budgets and ensure you are being found in the right areas.