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There are several components to a great paid digital ad campaign, whether it’s on social media or search engines.

The parts of an ad campaign are:

  1. Advertisement – This is the media that you present to your audience first. Whether it’s a video, a search engine result, or a social media post, an advertisement is something you paid to get in front of the people you want to see your ad. On a digital platform, your ad will have a link to your landing page.
  2. Landing Page – This is the page on your website that people will arrive at when they click your ad. It can be your website’s homepage, a specific product page, or a page devoted to the campaign you are running.
  3. Call to Action – Either a contact form, an appointment scheduler, or a purchase button, the call to action is the task you are hoping that your visitor will perform.
  4. Follow Through – This is the part where you follow up with any visitors who complete your call to action. If you are running an e-commerce campaign, following through is shipping their purchase. For a contact form it’s calling the back the client.

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