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Frequently Asked Questions

You have many choices on whom to hire to manage your Google Ads account. Here at 9niner, our claim to fame is 100% transparency. Below are some commonly asked questions from our clients. Please feel free to Contact Us and ask any additional questions you may have.
How do I pay for Google Ads Management from 9Niner?

At sign up, your representative will bill your card the prorated portion of your Google Ads Management fee. Thereafter you will be charged on the first of every month. Google Ads Management is bill a month in advance, 10% spend is billed on the spend for the previous month on the first.

Why should I advertise my business on Google?
  • Well, there are so many benefits to advertising on Google, but the biggest is that it puts your business in front of a potential customer who is actually searching for your products or services in real time.
  • Google is increasingly becoming the only relevant advertiser in your local market.ROI
How will I pay for my Google Ads?

At sign up, your representative will take a credit card and put it on file with Google. Google bills every $500 and/or on the last day of the month whichever comes first.

What other services do you offer?

Our expertise is Google Ads? For that reason we only offer Google Ads Management. That’s why we think we are the best and we only getting better. We do, however, work with other third party companies for such items like websites, SEO, Social Media Management and content writing.

Google Ads

What is exclusivity?
Exclusivity paying clients will have peace of mind knowing that 9Niner will not represent any competing clients in the same business and same market.
How do I cancel my account?
Simple. Send us a message or contact your representative. We will shut down your ads and cancel the account. Keep in mind, Google will charge your business for the remaining balance.
Why should I choose 9Niner Consulting?
  • 9Niner Consulting is disrupting the way Google Ads Management Companies are conducting business. 9Niner Consulting is basically your Google Ads employee. Our mission statement is focused on honesty, transparency and the overall growth of your business.
  • Google Ads Manager salary in the United States is approximately $50,000 per year. We are your Virtual Google Ads Employee – Yes! We work for you at a fraction of the cost of a hire actual Google Ads Manager Employee.
Can I set up a Google Ads account myself?
The short answer is Yes. Be careful though. One minor misstep could cost you more money than the fee that 9Niner charges.
Am I buying clicks from 9Niner or Google?
No, you are not buying clicks from 9Niner! We are managing your actual Google Ads account. Just like an employee of your business. We give you the appropriate access to view your account reporting and spending in real time.
Can I see my Google Ads account?
Yes, unlike most Google Ads Management Companies, we give you access to view reporting directly from your Google Ads account. You can view, spend, clicks, impressions, CTR and average position to name a few.
What areas are you experienced in?
Our expertise is in Home Services, Real Estate and Legal. Our founders Corey Robinson and Jeremy Dunn have been working with Google Ads for these industries since 2004.
How long will it take for my ads to be up and running?
At sign up, we will make an appointment to discuss your goals and objectives. Once that phone call is done we can normally have your ads up and running within 24 hours.
Can I edit the Google Ads account?
No, you will have a view only permission to your account. To make edits just contact your representative and they will put the request in. Most changes are updated within 24 hours.
Can I schedule my ads?
Absolutely! Our #1 priority is to make sure we are getting the most bang for your buck. Not only can we put your ads on a schedule. You can also message your representative to start and stop your ads in real time.
Why can’t I edit, start & stop my own ads?
A lot of time goes into creating your ads & campaigns. It only takes one simple step to throw everything off. Simply message us or your representative and we will be glad to make any changes for you.